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Using the wrong preparer can cost you thousands of dollars.

This article from explains how using the wrong preparer can cost you thousands of dollars.

"In addition to updating tax forms and instructions and getting its computer systems ready for the Jan. 20 start of the 2015 tax filing season, the Internal Revenue Service has been touching base with tax preparers who've had some recurring problems with some returns.

Rather than penalizing the tax pros who have filed questionable claims for clients, the IRS is, for now, opting for pre-season tax filing reminders encouraging more diligence and a little bit of homework.

In November 2014, around 2,500 preparers (according to Kiplinger Tax Letter) received letters recommending the recipients, in the IRS' words, "consider taking continuing education programs related to business income and expenses, as well as pay special attention to Schedule C accuracy in 2015."

A few courses on self-employment earnings and write-offs, notes the letter, may help the targeted preparers accurately complete Schedule C returns, filed with Form 1040 to report income and expenses of sole proprietors.

Responsibilities, consequences: In addition, the letter signed by Carol A. Campbell, director with the IRS' Return Preparer Office, recommends that the tax preparers pay special attention this filing season to Schedule C work because "both you and your clients may be adversely affected by incorrect returns."

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